SSR Message Simulator

SSR Message Simulator is a software developed by AVIONIX to transmit an SSR radar RF scenario making use of off-the-shelf SDR hardware featuring a low-power transmit function like USRP, LimeSDR, BladeRF. The tool allows the definition of a scenario in a configuration file consisting of a sequence of SSR uplink or downlink messages with configurable timestamp, content, signal strength, phase offset, frequency offset and frequency drift. Artificial noise may be added. Messages may overlap in time for testing the degarbeling performance of decoders. The tool also listens to a network port to be fed by messages generated by other tools like the ADS-B Traffic Simulator.

ADS-B / Mode AC Overlap

The generated RF signal can be fed once or repetitively into the antenna input of the receiver systems to test their decoding performance, sensitivity, standard-compliance or to run automatic regression tests after changes in hardware or firmware configuration.

SDR Test Transmitter