FollowMe 868 (OGN Tracker)

FollowMe 868 represents a fully featured and cost-effective small aircraft tracking solution. The tracker transmits continuously the 3D position and speed vector following the OGN standard making the aircraft visible on the Open Glider Network and to the other OGN-Trackers or device using FLARM, FANET or PilotAware. It can be used for real-time tracking, e.g. live competition display and commentary.

Special features:

  • Multi-page OLED display
  • IGC file format for logging to microSD card
  • 5-15V input power
  • Low power consumption, up to 24h runtime on embedded Li-Ion battery
  • Various data formats on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB interfaces compatible to major GA traffic awareness protocols
  • Option for embedded ADS-B RX module to supplement data output with ADS-B traffic
  • Visibility in Flightradar24