Welcome …

AVIONIX was founded by computer scientists, hardware and aerospace technology engineers. Their experience of more than 20 years in the air traffic control and airport industries leads to the fact that AVIONIX has acquired a deep understanding and knowledge in the development of reliable and security relevant systems. Accordingly our enterprise is focused on adaptable, complex, user-friendly and reasonable systems in the aviation area.

AVIONIX offers the following products and services:

  • Professional Surveillance Systems
  • Industrial quality ADS-B / MLAT receivers
  • ADS-B tracking devices for small aircraft, drones, vehicles
  • OGN/FLARM trackers
  • Cloud hosted multilateration networks
  • 1030/1090 MHz Frequency Monitoring
  • EHS Interrogation System
  • SSR Message Simulator
  • Surveillance Data Collection, Analysis and Visualisation
  • ASTERIX data fusion
  • ED-129B Compliance Test Suite
  • Traffic Surveillance Display
  • Provision of airport surveillance system with flight log function
  • Custom software or RF hardware development
  • R&D activities